Black Fish fishing [VIDEO]

I went out Black Fish fishing for the second time in my life.

First time, I didn’t catch a thing nor feel any fish, but this time, I caught a couple of fish and could actually feel something when the fish hit.

I used live crabs and squid strips as bait.

I was so happy to finally catch some black fish on a boat at the very end of the year 2018! And now I feel confident I can catch some next time around. I will keep trying out different methods to catch more fish. Stay tuned!

Let’s go year 2019!

Snow Removal – Alternate Tools comparison! VIDEO

So, snow days. We all wish we had a nice snow blower, but alas, we don’t always have them (…like never). So we all suck it up and shovel away.

I’ve heard from somewhere that lawn mowers actually work, and leaf blowers aren’t bad either. Since I had newly acquired a leaf blower, and I of course have a lawn mower, so I had to test these theories out.

For those of you who were thinking of trying them out, don’t bother, just watch this short video, and you’ll know how they do… 🙂



Ice Sledding and Ice fishing! Video

This winter’s been really cold. Some lakes and rivers are completely frozen over, and what does that mean??

Ice sledding and Ice fishing of course 🙂

Remember that one week (in NJ area where I live anyway) when it was like unbelievably cold? The ice was really thick, so I decided to “do-it-yourself” an ice sled and take the kids out for a nice round of sledding on the ice lake ^^

Here’s what happened:

Oh and some obligatory warning for ice sledding is included (for obvious reasons) ^^

I searched for good iced-out lakes in the above process, and found out there’s a pretty decent(?) ice fishing scene in the area. So a couple of weeks later, I went in search of that ice fishing scene:

Winter’s not over yet, and I have a feeling there’s more coming!